Monday, November 2, 2015

7 Things You Need to Stop Doing if You Really Want to Lose Weight Fast

 If you are having a hard time reaching or maintaining your weight loss goals, then it may just be that you are actually your own worst enemy. Don’t worry – you are not alone, and you can take steps right now to turn these things around and get yourself on the right track. Here are seven things you need to stop doing if you really want to lose weight fast:

Believing in quick fixes: You know that pill the marketers tell you, will help you lose weight fast and keep it off? It doesn’t work. Save your money and face the reality that anything worth having is going to require some real effort.

Displacing the blame: Believe it or not, claiming ownership of your current situation is empowering. You are not overweight because you are “big boned,” or because your mom overfed you. You got you where you are today, and you can get yourself out.


Comparing yourself to others: You can only be you, and your weight loss goals should be centered on your individual physique and lifestyle. Comparing yourself to other women that you see as “ideal” is a recipe for disaster, as it naturally leads to the emotion-driven crash dieting.

Crash dieting: Now that crash dieting has been mentioned, it is necessary to point out how very destructive this weight-loss method is to your overall health and well-being. What’s more is that it doesn’t even work! Sure, you may see some fast, dramatic results . . . But you will pay the price when your body compensates for the shock and goes into starvation mode, slowing down your metabolism and storing every bit of fat it can hold on to.

Skipping breakfast: If you want to keep your metabolism revved to its max, then you must feed your body. When you skip breakfast, your body freaks out and slows down your calorie burning in order to hold on to energy as long as it can. (Plus, skipping breakfast often leads to unbridled gorging later in the day).

Negative talk: Stop telling yourself you can’t do it, or that you’re not worth it. Just stop. Psychology plays a big part in your weight loss, so while this may require some conscious effort, it can make a world of difference when it comes to reaching your weight loss goals.

Ghost calories: It’s easy to munch just a bite here and there – you know, grab a handful of M&Ms out of your co-worker’s candy bowl or finish off what your kid didn’t eat for dinner. These are typically calories that you consume without thinking about it. These “ghost calories” can really add up, so pay close attention to every drop in the bucket.

When it comes to lose weight fast, there is no “easy” way to do it – no shortcuts. However, the road to permanent weight loss is quite simple: Dedicate yourself to a healthier lifestyle and break yourself of these bad habits.

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